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Did you know that Spain uses the internet more than Europe as a whole? This is not a fabrication in the slightest ladies and gentlemen. Spain’s internet penetration rate in 2016 is 77%, and increases to 93.6% if defined to youth! If you are thinking about, or have recently exported a business to Spain, of course you are wondering how your digital marketing strategy will adapt to this new country. After having taken a big leap to a new market, how are you planning on connecting digitally to your customers?

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About My Freelancing Services

Ashley Piekarski Int'l Comm Services (Spanish & English) is my freelancing platform, through which I offer: Translation, Website & SEO Translation, and Content Creation services. I'm not only a translator, rather overall a bilingual Spanish & English communicator. I have been enrolled as a freelancer since 2013, and evolved my services to where they are today. My mission is to deliver excellent results to my clients, to help them achieve their goals with the project, and do so in a timely and collaborative manner.