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Business Matchmaking, Guide To Finding Your Translator Featured

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If you’re reading this guide it’s because you recognize the importance of employing a professional translator when working with international markets. It’s also because searching for the right translator can be an unfamiliar task, not to mention a big investment.

Choose the language your business translation requires

Start by preparing your translation Request For Information / Quote, by being scrupulously clear about the most important thing you require of a translator – it is STRONGLY recommended that your translator be a native speaker of the language you need your business material translated into. Remember, a native speaker will go far beyond the comforts of grammar and spelling, and ensure that essential elements such as tone of voice, play on words, and double meanings are correctly delivered.

Take it a step further when advantageous for your market expansion plans, and translate to a specific geographic region. For businesses looking to start up in Spain, for instance, you will require a native Spanish translator. Spanish from Spain differs a great deal from the Spanish spoken in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia; you see where I’m going with this right?

*Example: Looking for a native Spanish translator to translate website from English (UK) to Spanish (Spain).

Make sure your translator is specialized for your business

Like the majority of professions, translators are also specialized in different areas. Some translators focus on marketing, others on law, and others on medical. You will want to make sure to work with a translator experienced in the type of content and audience you need.

Translators are language wizards, and especially familiarize themselves with the vocabulary and concepts of their specific fields. You will optimize your business results by choosing a translator best suited for your content in this regard.

Other qualifications to look for include a degree in translation, years of experience, or industry certifications.

Do require a certified translation or not?

Documents can be legally certified. Find out if you need this level of accreditation or not, and if so seek a translator that has been qualified to do so.
In some countries, translators have to be certified through a governed body to be able to do this. In Spain, for example, you would have to hire a sworn translator who has been accredited through MAEC. In all cases, the translation will have to be officially signed, sealed, and legally recognized as correct.

Certified translations are required for legal documents like those needed for trials and courtroom hearings. Immigration, and university paperwork are a couple of other instances that quite often require certified translations.

Turn around time

Turn around time is something else to ask about in your Request for Information / Quote.
Many factors will go into the timeline of the translations for your business, but in general, you can guide yourself by knowing that on average the professional translator completes 2,500 words per day.

That being said, key factors that influence turn around time are:

  • Length of the document.
  • Technical level of the translation. The level of difficulty differs for translating the content in a legal contract, a novel, or a set of business correspondence for example.
  • Format of the document. It seems that today we are unlimited by formats. You may need all kinds of your content translated – anything from a simple Word doc to a PDF, HTML,
  • PowerPoint, Infographics, an App, video games, coding within a specific program… you name it.
  • Availability of translator. Translators often work with various projects at a time, and in doing so may need to distribute projects.

Hello Translator puts you in touch with professional translators that have been tested and selected to participate on the platform. Because of this vetting process and your ability to view their profiles and client testimonies, selecting a translator is made easier and more securely.

Follow the advise in this guide, and make the right match between your business and translator. Wonderful things will happen. Think profits!

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