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A Spanish – English (USA native) translator, an interpreter, a multicultural liaison, an editor and bilingual communications professional. I have dedicated my life to interpreting others to help with linguistic and cultural differences, and will eagerly continue to do so.

I now reside in the states, but have lived in Spain for 5 years, and in Mexico for almost a year.

"All meanings, we know, depend on the key of interpretation" -George Eliot


What I can do

Spanish to English translations are the projects I’m most often requested to work on.

My strength is definitely creating a fluid final text that is extremely representative of the original, by deconstructing each phrase, paragraph, and piece and reconstructing it appropriately as a whole. I'm able to do this because I'm not only a linguist, but also a communication professional (both by university degree and experience).

As an international and business-minded person, I will take great care to make your translation well received by its audience.

My specialty areas are marketing, advertising, tourism, and business law (contracts, participation conditions and the sort).
Editing & Proofreading
Website Translation & English SEO Optimization
Content Creation

My Methodology

It is of extreme importance to me to follow professional practices and expectations of the industry.

  • none Briefing before start of project, continuous communication throughout, and feedback/correction period after 
  • none Commitment to professionalism, timeliness, accuracy, and cohesive flow of text
  • none Build long-term relationships whenever possible
  • none Adherence to American Translators Association (ATA) Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, click here for more detials


  • htmlSpanish to English translation100%
  • css3English writing100%
  • jquerySpanish writing95%
  • ptsWeb & online marketing translation (SEO & SEM)95%
Direct translation of HTML files. Just send me your HTML and I will send you back translated HTML. You don’t have to worry about the logistics of downloading all of the English or Spanish source text to word documents and then re-uploading it and re-formatting links. It will all be properly placed per the original HTML files. Easy, and without a doubt a cost and time saver.

SEO helps position your content at the top of Google and other search engine page results. I do this by the proper selection and placement of keywords and key phrases in English or Spanish per your translation needs.

Infographics are visual representations of information that make it eye-catching, relatable and understandable. I can create infographics for you in both Spanish and English, as well as translate already made infographics.

Spanish & English Service Plans


Competitive per word rates, contact for quote

  • Spanish to English (native language)
  • Types: General, technical, web & SEO
  • Original document format preservation
  • Technical, web & SEO translation rate +10%
  • Volume discounts available
  • 2,500 words/day
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Editing & Proofreading

Competitive per word rates, contact for quote

  • English (native language)
  • Spanish to English crosschecking
  • Types: General, technical, web & SEO
  • Original document format preservation
  • 50% of translation rates
  • 10,000 words/day
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Content Creation

Competitive per hour rates, contact for quote

  • English (native language)
  • Ex: Blogs newsletters, magazine editorial, and PowerPoint presentations
  • Collaboration for content creation requires a bit more time and effort, well worth it however. Ex: 1 blog article / month.
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My Background

Professional Overview

5+ years of my professional career specifically working in communications agencies in Spanish-speaking countries and bilingual environments. I've dedicated my time translating and planning communications programs for international programs in USA, Europe, and Mexico. *Full resume available upon request

Educational Credentials

  • B.A. Degree double major in Spanish for Business & Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire (USA, 9/2004 – 8/2008). I've had my linguist transcript/degree verified by by ProZ, and other key translation influencers.  
  • Masters in Corporate Communication, EAE Business School Madrid (Spain, 10/2010 – 7/2011)
  • Masters in Digital Marketing & Social Media, Aula Creactiva Madrid (Spain, 10/2011 – 7/2012)
  • Masters in Web Design, Aula Creactiva Madrid (Spain, 10/2012 - 7/2013)


Years of ES>EN Translation Experience


Core ES/EN Services Offered


Words Translated a Day


Average Translation Agency Cost

Operating Hours

I live and work in the USA (Central Standard Time (UTC/GMT -6 hours). If you live in another time zone and have an urgent request, please bring the time issue to my attention.

Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5PM

Contact Address

Ashley Piekarski Int'l Comm Services (Spanish & English)

Minneapolis (Metro Area)
Minnesota, USA

Phone: +1 612 442 2599
Whatsapp: +34 672 614 625

About My Freelancing Services

Ashley Piekarski Int'l Comm Services (Spanish & English) is my freelancing platform, through which I offer: Translation, Website & SEO Translation, and Content Creation services. I'm not only a translator, rather overall a bilingual Spanish & English communicator. I have been enrolled as a freelancer since 2013, and evolved my services to where they are today. My mission is to deliver excellent results to my clients, to help them achieve their goals with the project, and do so in a timely and collaborative manner.